Tianhui Ng



A Survivor's Odyssey

12:30 - 2:00pm CT
White Snake Projects
Carami Hilaire, Circe
Amanda Crider, Penelope
Patrick Dailey, Telegonus
James Demler, Odysseus
Cerise Jacobs, producer
Elena Araoz, director
Jonathan Robertson, tutti remote
Opera America Annual Conference
Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
Mary Prescott - A Survivor's Odyssey
Emperor Concerto Highlight of Performance
11.16.2019 The Republican

Maestro Ng, in his second season at the helm of the PVS, partnered Sun perfectly, weaving an ear-catching tapestry of sound with his orchestra. The sublime slow movement of the Beethoven flowed like a timeless river of sound from the muted PVS strings. The outer movements strode with giant steps, the first fueled by grand gestures, the third galloping to the limits of clarity, with Sun evoking stardust one moment and a meteor storm the next at the keyboard.

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