Ng Tian Hui



Sing Out Strong: Decolonized Voices

White Snake Projects
Brianna J. Robinson, soprano
Jaime Korkos, mezzo

Stephanie Henry – Colonialism 

Daniel Sabzghabaie - Who We Are 

Jerod Tate – Ithanali 

Kui Dong – Dominican 

Michele Cheng – Fight 

Chiruza Muhimuza - Congo Song 

Elena Ruehr - Colonized Flower 

Brian Morales - I Was Born in South Vietnam 

Avik Sarkar – Parting 

Mike von der Nahmer - Terrible Nightmare in Hong Kong 

The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of most of my performances for the rest of the season. This is the only show that remains at the end of this season because of the groundbreaking work to make it online. Come check it out.


MetroWest Opera, Boston, MA, USA.

Maestro Ng Tian Hui kept this complex scene running smoothly, or perhaps it’s a tribute to the finesse and savvy of the ensemble that I was convinced that the commotion was intentional and not an accident. 

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